Secret of Shakespeare myth or reality

Secret of Shakespeare myth or reality


It is well known that Shakespeare rose to fame due to his plays. In fact he was a theatre artist who turned into a writer. Did he? Well there are many rumors about the Shakespeare being a fictitious man. The writer was different from the playwright. One of the various theories is that the Earl of Oxford wrote the plays and handed it over to the playwright.

Now the question is why did Earl of Oxford do so? Well friends there are many things that give rise to this rumors. They are real and some of them are:

  • Hidden Identity – No Official photograph of Shakespeare is available, and only two paintings are there. This means that there is very little evidence about his appearance. It might be created and actually a fictitious one.
  • No Schooling – There is another fact that Shakespeare never went to school or there is no documentary evidence about the same. Now a person who did not attend school is not likely to dish out plays with polished writing. Isn’t it?
  • Freud’s remarks – Sigmund Freud the famous psychologist was very much influenced by Hamlet one of the famous plays of Shakespeare. He says that anyone who wrote them had aristocratic lineage and knowledge about various languages. This does not fit into Shakespeare who was an actor and only knew English.
  • Difference in writings – The early works of Shakespeare are quite different from the famous and the last ones he supposedly wrote. This lends much more to the rumors.

Actually speaking when we closely read various plays it seems that not one but many writers wrote these plays. So what is the truth? No one will ever know. If you want to have more insights about this controversy surrounding the biggest literary genius , keep on reading this blog and do watch “Anonymous”. There is more to come…


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