Movie theaters – The place to watch movies

Movie theaters – The place to watch movies

Movie theaters - The place to watch movies

Technologies have changed and home movie viewing has increased. But the experience that you get in movie theaters cannot be matched. The coming of multiplexes and the digital prints are all good for movie theaters. Even though technology like LED TV means home movie viewing experiences have been enhanced, a movie in a theater is an enriching experience. More so for movies like Star Wars, where small screens are not a good option. Here are the top 5 reasons to watch movies in theatres.

(1) The Big Screen – You can never get such big screens even if you have a private screen at home. The experience of a big screen is awesome. I realised this when I watched the same movie at home and then at the theatre.

(2) No disturbances – When watching at home, you have distractions that you cannot avoid, like the telephone and the doorbell. At movie theatres, mobiles are switched off and there is no worry of visitors. All the attention is on enjoying the movie.

(3) The audience – You do not directly interact with other people in movie theatres. But the audience adds to the experience of watching movies, doesn’t it?

(4) 3D movies – More and more movies are being released in the 3D format. A movie theatre is the best place to watch a 3D movie.

(5) Trailers of upcoming movies – You can catch up with which movies are coming up at the theatre. I really love watching the trailers at theatres for its curiosity value.

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