Off to Pastures New….

Off to Pastures New….

Matilda the Musical by Roald Dahl playing in Sydney Opera House 2015

Well my friends I have exciting news to impart, John and I are off for a little trip. Short notice but that happens in life – makes it all the more exciting. We are off to Australia to visit some old friends. We have talked about this on and off for years but we are going this time because our friends have a daughter who is performing in Matilda The Musical at the Sydney Opera House, as she is Johns Goddaughter and he taught her dancing before they emigrated he wants to go. I debated at first as I have had a few big outlays this month but in the end I thought ‘it’s only money’ and I can’t take it with me can I? So asked around and friends directed me to a loan company called Ferratum, very satisfied with them. Now have the extra cash to make it a holiday to remember. Plan to do some visiting and wining and dining at Sydney’s finest. Not so looking forward to the long flight though. Thanks goodness for new technology, got a new iPad mini (one of the outlays I was talking about) and put my kindle app on it, would be lost without access to my books. Best thing every invented in my eyes, yes of course I love my actual books but with weight restrictions they can’t go everywhere with me but with the kindle they can. In fact just downloaded some of Roald Dahl’s collection, thought I would re read some of them including Matilda. I decided on the iPad mini as I also wanted internet and access to my emails, it can also double as my camera. As you can probably tell I am very much taken with my new purchase. So, not a lot of time to write at the moment as busy getting organised we go in two weeks so will write all about it when we are back in October.

Apple iPad mini, nice and easy to use and reasonably priced

My lovely iPad mini


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