Hello to all who reads this. My name is Andrew and I am an actor; retired in theory but always willing to perform as any thespian would. I live in the Cotswolds, a beautiful part of the country but I am forever popping around the UK to various theatres and performances. My partner is John and we have been together for twenty years, which is something of a miracle in our profession. John is a dancer that is how we met, in Blackpool in Panto. John is also retired; pesky knees! He teaches at a local studio when he is in the mood and is very involved with the local amateur dramatics. I support them but not overly involved, I prefer visiting (swanning around John says) my friends in professional theatre but I always support John and watch the performances.

Like most people in the arts, I enjoy good food and drink and the company of similar minded folk. I am currently researching for a book on old theatres and a friend suggested I try blogging about it first, to get a feel so to speak. This is what this blog is about, old theatre and how they are managing in this economic climate and I thought I would add in some information about current projects and what performances are where. I am not going to be too strict about what I write as long as it is theatre! I am going to record my research in part via the pages on this blog, added to and changed as I deveolp my ideas and knowledge. Dear reader, your input would be most welcome.

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